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PLUGIN Product management

Plugins are additional tools already present in the Nop, or developed ad hoc, which typically help speed up operations that could still be carried out by hand.

In some cases plugins have been developed to introduce particular features. Below we present only those developed in-house.

Product data management:

This plugin allows you to add data to products (single SKU) that is not always made available to the manufacturer.

The file must have the following format:
Sku, Quantity, Minimum Order Quantity, Maximum Order Quantity, Allowable Quantities*, Length(millimeters), Width(millimeters), Height(millimeters), Weight(grams)

ATTENTION: in order not to modify the existing data, leave the cell EMPTY. Any value will be used to update the related data

Separate decimals in standard culture, i.e. using the point

*e.g. 3X to allow only multiples of 3 or 3X,7X to allow the insertion of multiples of 3 or of multiples of 7 or 5 to allow the insertion of only 5 products in the cart or 5,7,9 to allow the insertion of 5 or 7 or 9 products

An Excel file must be created with the format described in the interface.

the file must then be imported

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