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Customer roles

Customer roles allow you to form groups of users with similar behaviors. You can create various groups such as store administrators, buyers, companies, and more. You can also grant these groups certain rights such as discounted prices and other special settings (such as tax exemptions, free shipping, and more). Additionally, you can differentiate access to the site based on roles, create price lists specific to roles (see the Price and Discount Management plugin), create exclusive discounts (see Promotions–>Discounts).

The system roles are Guest, Registered, and Administrator and cannot be modified or deleted.

To add customer roles: Customers → Customer Roles → New

Name: Give a representative name and repeat it for System Name

Free shipping: the customer will always enjoy free shipping

Tax free: VAT will never be applied
Active: Activate or deactivate the customer
Purchased with products allows you to acquire a role by purchasing the selectable products by clicking on the Select button
Tier prices mechanics,
The tier prices is an additional price that can be used both as a list price, linked to a customer, and as a promo price

Do not use base prices: If selected, it will only use Tier prices and never base prices, if there were no Tier prices the product will not be displayed
Tier prices at net price: if selected, the Tier prices will have the non-discountable and priority net price value
Use the Tier price even if the base price is lower: if checked the Tire prices will be used even if the base price is lower (the standard behavior is to use the Tire prices only if lower than the base price)


By selecting a catalog, you have the option to remove the Tier prices of a specific catalog

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