Toolbox: the full e-Commerce solution for tools and hardware

We create hardware and tools e-Commerce websites provided with the catalogues of the world’s leading tools producers

Toolbox is the e-commerce online platform for hardware, ready for use and complete with the catalogues of the world’s leading producers of industrial tools and supplies.

Creating an e-commerce website requires constant work due to the manual entry of countless of products. You won’t have this problem with Toolbox: you can have your hardware e-commerce website with integrated items and an automatic catalogues update service.
See how we can make your hardware store more competitive and improve your sale performance

Make your work easier, reduce your error margin and increase sales using Toolbox!!

We can upload the following catalogues complete with images and descriptions to your e-Commerce website:

Catalogues import and auto update

Toolbox offers you more than 100 catalogues always updated and complete with images, descriptions and item codes. You will immediately have your e-commerce website with all complete and always updated catalogues of the world’s leading producers of tools and professional equipment. Just choose which ones to publish.

Customisable graphics

Your e-commerce website will have a graphical theme consistent with your corporate image. Institutional pages, images and history of your business will also be included on your website. We will add your logo, your images and adapt the style and colours to create a graphical theme that truly reflects your brand identity

Import of items from your company management system

Do you also want to insert your management system products? Ok, no problem! We import the catalogues or items into the system to immediately sell them.

Capturing product sheets and images

The catalogues we supply are complete with: images, product sheets, price lists, descriptions and codes.

Advanced product search and recommendations

Your hardware and tools e-commerce website will be provided with an advanced search bar aimed at facilitating the purchase. It will also have a recommender system to suggest other products the users may be interested in.

Flexible platform

The platform will be flexible according to your needs. For example, it will be possible to insert PR (Purchase Request), OR (Offer Request) forms and you will have the option to disable the purchase of specific products or to choose whether to make prices visible or not to unregistered users.

E commerce ferramenta

We create your e-commerce website

We create your brand new online shop coherently with your brand identity or with your main website.

E commerce ferramenta

We upload catalogues

Choose the brands whose products you want to sell. We will upload all complete catalogues on your website.

E commerce ferramenta

Start selling and making money

Your e-commerce website is now ready to generate orders. Our team will support you by means of training necessary to learn how to properly manage your online shop.

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