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What is Punchout?

Punchout is an interface that allows a direct connection between the supplier e-commerce website and the customer’s management system, encouraging the simplification of B2B purchasing processes.

Punchout is useful for those companies provided with a management system as it offers many advantages for the Purchasing Office in terms of costs and times saving in orders managing

How does the purchasing process change with the use of a Punchout interface?

One of the main issue of a Purchasing Department is the management of various suppliers equipped with different e-Commerce websites. The Purchasing Department has daily access to different portals to place orders and manually enter them with their related data in its management system.
The integration of a Punchout interface allows the Purchasing Department to display the supplier’s e-Commerce website directly on its management system, to add the items to be purchased in the cart and send the order to its management system with a series of predefined information.
Once the procedure has been completed the order can be sent to the supplier, via e-mail or EDI

What are the advantages?

The integration of a Punchout interface allows the Purchasing Department to reduce processing times and costs, without requiring the buyers to carry out non-value-added activities and increasing overall productivity of the entire department. This function enables to:

-use the supplier e-commerce website directly from your management system
-use all e-commerce website functions, checking prices and availability in real time
-transmit information to the supplier reducing the error margin
-keep the internal authorization processes unchanged
-eliminate the double manual data entry

All Toolbox catalogues are currently fully compatible with SAP‘s OCI (Open Catalog Interface) Punchout specs (adopted, for example, by Pirelli and Trenitalia, Ansaldo, Galileo Avionica, etc.) and with the Punchout ARIBA BUYER (adopted by ENEL and the companies of the Ferrovie dello Stato group). In addition, all Toolbox catalogues are compatible with the C-XML specs and allow easy data export to popular formats (Csv, Excel, MS Access, etc.).

  • Punchout ARIBA
  • Punchout OCI
  • Punchout SAP
  • Punchout ENEL
  • Punchout Ferrovie
  • Punchout Ferservizi
  • Punchout SKF
  • Punchout Ansaldo
  • Punchout Fincantieri
  • Punchout FCA
  • Catalogo CIF ARIBA
  • Catalogo statico ARIBA
  • Catalogo Excel ARIBA

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